Tuesday, June 26, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Torch Run!!

What does the London 2012 Olympics Torch Run have to do with Canada? Well I am a Canadian living abroad in the UK. It is a great time to be here with the Queen's Jubliee and Olympics happening this year. I had my first Torch Run experience on December 27, 2010 when Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics. It was exciting and I couldn't resist going to this Torch Run when it came to Manchester. I will say here that I am lucky enough to be going to the Olympics this year to see the Men's Quarter Final Football Match (that is Soccer to all of us Crazy Canucks). But that post will wait for another day. We chose to go into the city (about 20 mins by Tram from where we live). Manchester was full of people and there was much excitement! The Knightly One, my dear husband Ian, took much better pics of the Torch Runner than I did. It seems I was just out of position so here is one of his. But the BEST part was yet to come. Whilst treating me to dinner at Pesto, a tapas style restaurant in Manchester, we noticed people stopping to take pictures continually. Ian went out to check on the situation, and it was a Torch Runner taking pictures with everyone who wanted. BUT what he noticed was her Olympic rings had a Canada insignia. He came back in to our table and told me so off I went. I asked her if she was from Canada and it turned out she was from Whitby Ontario (a 2 hour drive from Kitchener). We shook hands and everyone else thought it was really cool so she insisted on taking a pic with me! And here it is - me holding the Olympic Torch with a Torch Runner! Now how do I scrapbook this memory and do it justice? Any ideas out there - please share. This coming weekend we are going to London to celebrate Canada Day in Trafalgar Square - can't wait!