Friday, August 10, 2012

Team Canada Football

When the Women's Football team made it to the Semi-Final game, and it was at Old Trafford, we decided to see if we could get tickets.  And we did!

The whole Olympic experience has been wonderful but to cheer on my team in person was UNBELIEVABLE!

It is unfortunate that there was controversy about the game (refereeing in particular) but it was wonderful.  Team Canada would lose the game but then would go on to win Bronze.  I am so proud of them.

Here is the first layout in that series that I am working on for my Olympics album.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympics 2012

Have you been cheering on Team Canada at the Olympics?  I have!  It is so exciting to be here in Great Britain during the Olympics.

One of the benefits of being such a small nation, is that the Olympic Games are happening all over the country, not just in London.  What does that mean for me - well just wait and see!

For now, I have completed some of the prepping for the Olympics layouts to share with you!

As you may remember on July 1, we went to Trafalgar Square in London for the day.  They had an Olympic Countdown timer and I HAD to have my picture taken with it!

I am doing an album about the Olympics and this is one of my pages.

We sent gifts home to Canada for the wonderful little people in our lives!  They were thrilled and I got some pictures back so I added a double page layout to my Olympic album of our Canadian contingent. They are solid gold in our books.

The medals are Cadbury chocolate and the books are appropriate age reading material regarding the London 2012 Olympics.  My eldest granddaughter Chloe was so excited that Canada won a Gold medal in trampolining!

On Saturday August 4th, we went to old Trafford to see Japan play Egypt in the Men's Quarter Final Football (Soccer) match.  The Canadian Women's team had beaten Team GB and were going to be playing in the Semi-Final at Old Trafford on Monday August 6.  So we got tickets!!!  But that is another post (I have to do the layout first)!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Canada Day Collage 2012

Here is the companion page to my Canada Day layout. It features a collage of photos taken at Trafalgar Square!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Canada Day layout - 2012

And here is the layout I quickly whipped up this morning using some old Canada papers from my stash and my fave pic of me.  The ribbon came from a friend on a goodbye gift when I was leaving Canada earlier this year, so I definitely wanted to use it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canada Day eh!

I love Canada Day!  Yes the older I get, the more patriotic I become.  This year is my first year abroad and to help ease the homesickness, the Knightly One took me to Trafalgar Square for the weekend.

We met up with my cousin (another Canadian ex-pat) and her family to celebrate all things Canadian on Sunday July 1st.

There were flags, Mounties, Canadian musicians, pancakes with maple syrup, a street hockey tournament and Molson Canadian beer (because We are....)

Here are some wonderful pics which I intend to start scrapping.

Me wearing my Canadian pride and my cousin Chris displaying his!

Canada House is right at Trafalgar Square and it was a beautiful day with all the flags flying.

Can't wait to get started on scrapbooking these pages!  There are lots of other photos to chose from but just wanted to highlight a few.

In addition, I made Canada Day cards to send home to the "little people" in my life and my Momma back in NS.  Here is a pic of the card I made.  I used a bit of blue to highlight the fact it was from England (besides our original flag WAS the Union Jack).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

London 2012 Olympics Torch Run!!

What does the London 2012 Olympics Torch Run have to do with Canada? Well I am a Canadian living abroad in the UK. It is a great time to be here with the Queen's Jubliee and Olympics happening this year. I had my first Torch Run experience on December 27, 2010 when Vancouver hosted the Winter Olympics. It was exciting and I couldn't resist going to this Torch Run when it came to Manchester. I will say here that I am lucky enough to be going to the Olympics this year to see the Men's Quarter Final Football Match (that is Soccer to all of us Crazy Canucks). But that post will wait for another day. We chose to go into the city (about 20 mins by Tram from where we live). Manchester was full of people and there was much excitement! The Knightly One, my dear husband Ian, took much better pics of the Torch Runner than I did. It seems I was just out of position so here is one of his. But the BEST part was yet to come. Whilst treating me to dinner at Pesto, a tapas style restaurant in Manchester, we noticed people stopping to take pictures continually. Ian went out to check on the situation, and it was a Torch Runner taking pictures with everyone who wanted. BUT what he noticed was her Olympic rings had a Canada insignia. He came back in to our table and told me so off I went. I asked her if she was from Canada and it turned out she was from Whitby Ontario (a 2 hour drive from Kitchener). We shook hands and everyone else thought it was really cool so she insisted on taking a pic with me! And here it is - me holding the Olympic Torch with a Torch Runner! Now how do I scrapbook this memory and do it justice? Any ideas out there - please share. This coming weekend we are going to London to celebrate Canada Day in Trafalgar Square - can't wait!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everyone thinks we all live in the woods or igloos

Running off to the neighbourhood woods when I was a kid was all we could think about on a Saturday or Sunday. We used to build rafts with fallen trees, and get soaked when they didn't float. We spent countless hours catching polywogs. What a joy to come across a perfect trillium in the spring uncrushed by our feet. Playing hide and seek or building treeforts were everyday occurrences after supper.

There is a beautiful nature park in the middle of my city and I spend many days walking along my favourite trails. I love to come the beaver dam and try to find him. I had to do this digital layout to showcase how I feel about this place. It was also done as part of a challenge of walks on a board I frequent where the theme was "Lost".

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I've been a bad blogger!

But I am going to get back to it. This blog will be even more important to me since I will be leaving my beloved Canada in a few short months for England. It is time! My husband and I will be married a year on May 13, 2012 and it is time we lived together on the same continent, in the same country, in the same time zone.

That does not mean my travelling days are done here in Canada! The content may change a little but the content will remain the same. For instance I am planning on celebrating Canada Day in Trafalgar Square, London, England this year. There will sure to be pictures and layouts!